Loudwater was a bustling town where our adventure began. Goblins broke through the stone wall and invaded the settlement looking for what was called the Horn Totem of the Ogre King, which happened to be in the local shop. The party defended Loudwater and searched through the remains, finding a note on one of the goblin sorcerer’s person which read to retrieve the horn and return to the Goblin Warrens.

The party tracked them to these warrens and rescued a young girl who’d been kept caged for a few days. It was within the ‘trash pile’ that Ephira found the mysterious orb of the treasure room.

Further in, the party discovers High Shaman Sancossug, who was doing what he could to preform a ritual to bring back the Ogre King, needing the Horn Totem to complete the rites. The party defeated the shaman and took the Horn Totem (a dagger), as well as the Skull of the Ogre King (a mace), as their prize.

After returning to Loudwater, they find that people have gone missing and investigate, getting information from a shady dwarf known as Zark. Heading to a bandit keep, they rescued a group of would-be slaves that were to be shipped off to the ‘serpent men’ but could not track down the center of the operation.

There was also the mission involving the Temple of Tiamat with the Lady of Shadows. (See page for details.)


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