Ephira Delaunt

Half-Elf Ranger & Pirate


Nickname: -
Age: 28.
Birth Date: N/A.
Birthplace: Zelpir.
Occupation: Pirate.
Height: 5’6’’.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Brown.
Skin: Tan, fair.
Distinguishing Features: Black Tempest tattoo on inner right forearm. Elven tattoo along left upper bicep/shoulder. Many scars. Long, deep scar set diagonally from shoulder to left breast, crossing over her heart. Whip marks along back.

Positive Traits:
- Charismatic
- Crafty
- Quick Thinker

Negative Traits:
- Selfish
- Deceptive
- Chronic Liar

- The sea/sailing
- Alcohol
- Treasure/gold/money
- Traveling
- Music

- Animals
- Needy people
- Rich folk
- Prisons
- Helping others

Patron Deity: Sehanine.
Education: Extensive.
Languages: Common, Elven, & Goblin.

Father/Mother: N/A.
Siblings: N/A.
Past Love(s): N/A.
Children: -

Ephira Delaunt

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